Suvarna Prashan

suvarna prashan

*Why wait for VACCINE ??? When we can bless our Child with stronger immunity… *

We all have been doing it from longtime by blessing them with “SUVARNA PRASHAN”

So on this auspicious day of Pushya nakshatra, let’s once again gift our kids, a powerful boost of immunity with Suvarna Prashan at Seven Ayurveda Care-

Chinchwad and Kothrud clinic – Today 20th April 2021, Tuesday

In this competitive era where health and intelligence are the keys to success, we unknowingly hamper them with our changing lifestyle and altered food habits, work loads, fertilizer loaded fruits and vegetables, pollution, etc and expose ourselves and our children to various new and older infections. At a certain stage every parent is always in search of a reliable supplement, which will promote health and intelligence to their child.

All of us must have vaccinated our children for B.C.G, Polio, Measles, Tetanus, etc and still we always have a new list from our pediatricians for newly diagnosed pathogens and no doubt we fall prey to it because, afterall it is concerned with our child’s well being.

Take a moment, and think What if your child gets an Ayurvedic technique which is non-injectable, tasty, completely herbal, and free from adverse effects, which develops an inbuilt strong defense mechanism and provides a round the clock safety shield against low immunity and at the same time sharpens their intellect ? Yes you’ve read it right, all this can be achieved by a one step perfect solution ‘SUVARNA PRASHAN’.

Suvarna prashan sanskar is one of the 16 essential rituals for children, mentioned in Ayurveda. It adds to development of physical and mental skills of the child, boosts immunity and stamina, also sharpens the memory and intellect, improves grasping power and memory recall. It improves digestion, skin tone, keeps your child away from problems during teething phase and a lot more.

Age group – 0-16yrs

When to administer – Suvarna prashan is given on every Pushya nakshatra, which happens to come after every 27 days, given on this day it bestows excellent benefits.

Suvarna prashan sanskar camp is organised at Seven Ayurveda Care, Pune, Kothrud and Chinchwad centre every month on the day of Pushya Nakshatra.

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