Height Gain

Height gain

Why Fit In When you can Stand Out ?

After all, these extra inches add a star to your personality.

This Chaitra navratri, when the power of creation is at its peak, let’s add it to our height as well.
A perfect combination of ayurvedic medicines, diet and exercise, definitely helps you to achieve the desired height.

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Age group – 10yrs to 18yrs

What is Height Gain treatment ?

On an average, children grow about two inches each year between the ages of three and early adolescence, release of growth hormone is at its peak at adolescence when accelerated growth occurs, but growth hormone levels fall steadily on reaching adulthood, and the body stops to increase height.

Our body constantly generates Human growth hormone, throughout our life and carries out the process of cell rejuvenation persistently. Some individual related factors like improper nutrition, lack of sleep or parental pattern may hamper secretion of growth hormone. Catching the right nerve i.e. identifying and correcting the inhibiting factors may facilitate generation of growth hormone and positively influence the height.

In children where the Ossification process is yet to be completed, nourishment of bony and cartilaginous tissues helps in lengthening of bones in the lower body as well to some extent.

There is a certain age at which people usually stop to grow : men —21 yrs, women —18 yrs. It occurs shortly after puberty, but these numbers can be changed. One thing for sure the older you are, the harder it is to gain height.

Your aim to gain height can be achieved by Ayurvedic medicines along with therapies like Abhyanga, Basti and Nasya. Proper nutritional supplements and specific exercises add to the results.

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