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 "Your Health Is Our Mission", we also take care of your health problems like -  Joint pain, Urinary disorders, Skin problems like acne, pimples, dry skin, psoriasis. Opthalmic conditions like dry eyes, frequently changing spectacles, tir...


Urinary disorders

The health of our body doesnot only depend on how healthy we eat, but many a times on how well the excretory system functions. The toxins and undesirable waste products from the body are excreted in three major forms – stools, urine and sweat. It is very important that these wastes are excreted at their desired intervals by the body, any impairment in its functioning causes ill-effects on the body.

Controlling the urges, usually the urge to urinate is most commonly observed, which can cause various conditions like urinary calculi (urinary stones), it can also affect the bladder tone causing dribbling micturition or urinary incontinence. These conditions  can be treated by proper medication and procedures like Basti, Pichu dharan, Dhawan and Uttar basti whichever is needed.

Urinary tract infections, painful micturition are some other very common conditions related to urinary system. At times lab investigations reveal presence of pus cells, proteins, RBCs, etc. These conditions can be treated with Ayurvedic medicines and therapies like Basti. At times in conditions like Renal failure, Basti therapy can limit the frequency of Dialysis.