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Inability of a woman to conceive or a man to induce conception after one year of regular sexual intercourse without any contraceptive measures or retaining the foetus till the birth is termed as Infertility. The problem may be with the male or female...


Tubal blocks

Tubal blocks is one of the most important cause of infertility. Infertility is a manifestation of tubal blockage in 25% of the cases, which is a consequence of inflammation of the fallopian tubes.

Clinical conditions like Pelvic inflammatory disease or PID, endometriosis, intra abdominal infections like appendicitis, peritonitis, or any major infection after childbirth, tubercular infection can lead to Fallopian tubes blockage.

Ayurveda considers these blockages as an obstruction in Artava-vaha srotas, Treating tubal blockages needs a long term treatment with internal medicines, Panchakarma procedures like Vaman, Basti and few gynaecological treatments like  Uttar basti, Dhawan, and Pichu dharan. Not all procedures are undergone by the patient, our efficient doctors take a call for selection of procedures only after thorough examination and case study of an individual.