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Inability of a woman to conceive or a man to induce conception after one year of regular sexual intercourse without any contraceptive measures or retaining the foetus till the birth is termed as Infertility. The problem may be with the male or female...



PCOD is a major condition seen in young females. Polycystic ovarian disease is a condition where the ovarian follicles fail to rupture and form a cyst and further result in irregular menses or scanty menstrual flow and unovulatory cycle. Abnormal weight gain, hirsutism are some of the associated side effects seen in some cases. More than 30% females end up in infertility. Hormonal therapy is not the solution, but at times it only worsens the condition.

Ayurveda explains abnormal functioning and vitiation of Vata dosha in reproductive system must be corrected. PCOD needs a long  term treatment. “At Seven Ayurveda Care”, we treat PCOD with Panchakarma therapies like Basti, Waman, Virechan whichever is desirable, according to the condition of individual along with  internal medicines.

Apart from medicine patient is counselled for necessary exercises and modification of her dietary habits which will help to improve the condition.