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Seven Ayurveda Care offers varied Ayurvedic treatments for number of ailments, but to name a few of our niche areas - Infertility, Gynaecology - Various gynaecological problems like PCOD, menstrual disorders, fibroids, which eventually lead to inf...



Inability of a woman to conceive or a man to induce conception after one year of regular sexual intercourse without any contraceptive measures or retaining the foetus till the birth is termed as Infertility. The problem may be with the male or female partner, or both. Although many a times only female is held responsible, it is important to know that both man and woman are equally responsible for conception, as conception occurs only after the union of a healthy male sperm and equally efficient female ovum.

Infertility in general can be classified as  a) Male infertility   b) Female infertility

Causes of Male Infertility  :

  1. Low sperm count
  2. Sperm abnormality
  3. Alcohol consumption & smoking
  4. Generalized weakness
  5. Any obstructive pathology

Causes of Female Infertility  :

  1. Irregular menses
  2. PCOD
  3. Tubal blocks
  4. Repeated Abortions
  5. Generalized weakness
  6. H/O major illness
  7.  Alcohol consumption & smoking
  8. Any obstructive pathology like fibroid, polyp, cyst.