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Post Delivery


‘Garbha’ is the foetus and ‘Sanskaar’ is the ritual performed for welcoming the arrival of the most awaited family member – The BABY. It is the preparation of both the would be parents, especially the mother who nurtures the baby in her wom...


Post delivery care

A women undergoes a huge physical and mental stress during labor, which leads to massive vitiation of Vata dosha and Dhatu kshaya or weakness. According to Ayurveda, a women is termed as “Sutika” in her post partum period. She should follow some rules and regulations for betterment of her and her baby’s health for next 1.5 mths. The post partum regimen helps the mother to regain her lost energy, rectify her hormonal imbalance issues and also pacifies the vitiated vata dosha. The suggested lifestyle and dietary modifications helps to bring the uterus to normal position, and nourishes all the body tissues, boosts lactation and also creates healthy mother and baby bond.

At “Seven”, We make our patients aware about the daily regimen like Abhyanga, Dhoopan, etc. along with dietary regimen like specific additions of ghee, garlic, fenugreek, etc and some beneficial recepies according to her prakriti, mode of labor i.e. normal or caessarean, other ailments if any.

Medicines necessary for toning up the uterus, and to overcome the physical and mental stress, improve lactation, and to restore the health are prescribed. The mother is also guided for the care of the newborn.