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‘Garbha’ is the foetus and ‘Sanskaar’ is the ritual performed for welcoming the arrival of the most awaited family member – The BABY. It is the preparation of both the would be parents, especially the mother who nurtures the baby in her wom...


Antenatal care (9 months care plan)

Ante-natal care refers to – The care to be taken during nine months of pregnancy.  Antenatal care includes

1) Prescription of medicines corresponding to the month of conception. Supplements like Iron, calcium and minerals are included in medicines only.

2) Examination of the would-be mother and the bump for fetal well-being.

3) Counselling and medicines for any pregnancy related ailments like backache, vomiting, swelling etc.

4) Guidelines for specific food inclusions corresponding to month of conception and proper dietary guidance.

5) Some exercises are recommended for regular practice for fetal and mother well-being and some specific exercises are suggested for relieving medical conditions like back ache, acidity, gas trouble, etc.

6) Patient is made aware of the beneficials, effects of music, meditation, yoga and Garbhasanskar workshops.

7) Cosmetic approach to prevent stretch marks, post delivery conditions like backache, weight gain specifically around the belly, etc.

We not only borrow the stress of our would-be mothers but also strive to keep them far away from Mother and Child, and pave a way for easy labor.