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Child Care

Child Care

A healthy & a smart child is what every parent aspires. Child is not only the future of family, but the nation. Healthy youth can build a road to success for the country. Child care at our clinic  is not limited to weight gain, or cold, cough an...


Teething problem

Teething phase initiates at the age of 6-8 mths, this is one stage where child goes through lot of unpredictable ailments, it can be anything right from fever, constipation, diarrhoea, recurrent cold & cough, vomitting, etc and finally resulting in weight loss.

Ayurveda explains that origin of teeth & complains during eruption is related to Asthi dhatu; healthier the Asthi dhatu, lesser will be the trouble caused during dental eruption and viceversa. To keep your child away from the ailments during teething phase, we need to strengthen (nourish) the bone tissue.

At Seven Ayurveda care we start medicines for the same since the age of 4-6 mths.  These medicines nourish and strengthen the Asthi dhatu naturally & provide stability , solidness to bone tissue. This not only makes the teething phase easygoing for the baby but also the parents in long term – As we know healthy bones is the main framework of the body – so it also serves a good help in achieving further milestones like sitting, walking,etc.