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Mother & baby Care

Child Care

A healthy & a smart child is what every parent aspires. Child is not only the future of family, but the nation. Healthy youth can build a road to success for the country. Child care at our clinic  is not limited to weight gain, or cold, cough an...


Diet Consultation

Considering dietary habits in a child, every child passes through three stages as per Ayurveda -

  1. Kshiraada –  the baby feeds only on breast milk or at times other milk supplements.
  2. Kshira-annaada – the baby is primarily fed on milk, but dietary supplements like, gruel, kheer, juices, etc are introduced in small quantity.
  3. Annaada – The child is fed on a complete diet which can include roti, rice, vegetables, dal, soups, etc.

These changes are brought into baby’s diet gradually taking into account his age, health issues, digestive capacity, teething phase, etc. At Seven we guide mothers about proper way of introducing heathy foods and preparations to the child according to his prakriti, feeding pattern and do’s and dont’s about the same.