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Child Care

Child Care

A healthy & a smart child is what every parent aspires. Child is not only the future of family, but the nation. Healthy youth can build a road to success for the country. Child care at our clinic  is not limited to weight gain, or cold, cough an...


Bed wetting

Bed wetting is one of the common complaint among small children, but at times the problem may persist for longer duration even upto the age of 16yrs. The child passes urine unknowingly 2-3 times when asleep, also leading to unhygienic conditions, repeated cold, cough, skin diseases and urine infection.

This unpleasant and unhygienic condition is not only embarrassing for the child but also the  parents. Also the condition may hamper self confidence of your child.

Some of the few reasons causing this problem are :

  • Weak bladder tone
  • Worms
  • Indigestion
  • Habit of eating Kapha increasing diet
  • Hereditary
  • History of fever on & off

At seven the problem is brought under control and cured by diagnosing the exact cause and offering the treatment for the same.