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                  The Promising Journey Of  Ayurveda live 

Vaidya Shweta Labde, a renowned Ayurvedic practitioner, is dedicated to improving women and child health. She has completed her Bachelors of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery, Post Graduate fellowship course in Panchakarma from Maharashtra University of health science. She also holds a Diploma in Garbhasanskar and Post Graduate proficiency course in Ayurvedic Cosmetology. Vd. Shweta – the Founder of Ayurvedalive, a brand associated with Seven Ayurveda Care - has built this to familiarise everyone towards Ayurveda and its benefits.

During her practice, Vd.shweta came across many patients, who would come up with their tentative diagnosis along with a line of treatment confirmed from Google. This used to annoy her, but later she realised that the inappropriate information about Ayurveda is being circulated online. This inadequate information was the cause which misguided the common man. The unrest made her come up with an incentive to pen down her scientific views and tips regarding real Ayurveda, one thing lead to another and Ayurvedalive.in came into existence.

With a vision to create awareness and help penetrate the real essence of Ayurveda in every stratum of society – she writes on varied health categories like infertility, mental health, digestive disorders, joint pain, Ayurvedic health concepts, dietary rules, common health myths, herbs and many more – without missing out the Ayurvedic perspective and Ayurvedic remedies of course.

Vd. Shweta believes in the concept of “Ayurveda First” and senses that Ayurveda should not be the preferred option only in the case of chronic health conditions and preventive wellness. Ayurveda – Is a holistic science. which does not work as per superficial or pre-examined symptoms but many other parameters like Agni, Dosha, Dhatu mala balance, seasonal variations etc.

She wants to develop an ecosystem where experts and common people study and explore more about Ayurveda and start believing in our own perpetual and time tested science. Ayurvedalive is the doorway that will open new paths in the direction of an Ayurveda based lifestyle and help the society to lead by benefitting everyone for a lifetime.

Vd. Shweta believes that everyone has the right to be healthy and so follows one of the simple and basic teachings in Ayurveda -

“Swasthasya Swasthya Rakshanam, AaturasyaVikaarprashamanam” 

Meaning healthy individuals should follow Ayurveda to maintain their health and the diseased to pacify and cure the disease.